Thoughts/advice on partscaster plans


TDPRI Member
Jul 29, 2022

For anyone still interested, I think it’s turning out pretty well. The soldering unit I bought (pictured left) is apparently a dud as it doesn’t get hot despite a new iron sent on the company’s behalf, so I took it with me when I went home for the holiday. Got the old man’s help since he had a working one, plus he knows how to solder so it was nice being able to get the soldering done right the first time. Also couldn’t find a red pickup or cover or black 3 knob control plate, so I jerry rigged my own with some electrical tape and I think it kind of fits the aesthetic a little haha. Probably a horrible idea, but it gives it character, I guess.

I still need to shave off the pickguard a little bit as the bridge needs a few mm more space at best, but other than that I just need to actually mount the pickups, screw everything in, string it, and then do a set up. All in all, it’s all gone fairly smoothly except for having to buy three sets of tuners because my dumb*** first bought right handed then bought ones without the pins. Hopefully everything else will continue the same. I appreciate everyone who gave their input when I first started and really glad I decided to go through with it!

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