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This is what happens when you listen with your ears instead of your eyes

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by DougM, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Torren61

    Torren61 Poster Extraordinaire Gold Supporter

    Mar 12, 2013
    Humboldt County, CA
    Well, that settles it once and for all.
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  2. bottlenecker

    bottlenecker Friend of Leo's

    Dec 6, 2015
    Yes, taste is illogical. It's illogical to me that people would enjoy Kenny G on guitar, but people like what they like.
  3. Peegoo

    Peegoo Poster Extraordinaire

    Oct 11, 2019
    Between the Raindrops
    I've got a few vintage guitars. I also have a few PRS's. All are superb because I cherrypicked 'em.

    Old guitars are no different from modern guitars: Most are good and they work great. A few are real dogs. And a few are just magical.

    Tim: "I've done that 'holy grail' search thing, and it's great to give that up."

    This one line has a lot of fantastic information in it. It is so easy to become a slave to the process of making music, which sucks away the time you have for making music.

    Not just with guitars, either. Amps and pedals (e.g., "what are the five essential pedals?" thread) can distract us from why we got into this monkey business in the first place.

    "I want to buy and sell a bunch of guitars and amps and pedals," is never the reason. It often turns into that.
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  4. Ricky D.

    Ricky D. Doctor of Teleocity

    Oct 22, 2006
    Marion, VA
    Paul Smith has said that the great old guitars were great instruments the day they were made.
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  5. Bob Womack

    Bob Womack Tele-Afflicted

    May 28, 2016
    Between Clever and Stupid
    I am everyman, a child of the silent majority who keeps is head down and works to make a life for his family. I use my instruments to play recording sessions and they are split between ones needed for my work and a few that I own simply because I love guitars. I don't have unlimited funds to chase my '70s dreams, but I am content.

    With that said, back in 2007 I went on a tone quest for a sweet guitar, meaning one with a sweet tone. I had some hard sounding guitars, some modern sounding guitars, but I wanted a sweet one. In my area I had a choice of some really nice ones, from vintage to brand new. I ended up concentrating on a pool of about eleven ES-335s, everything from vintage to modern to custom shop. I wanted to see if there were modern ones that were as good as the vintage ones. There were bright ones, dark ones, hard ones, balanced ones, and I found one really, really sweet one, the sweetest-sounding of all the ones I tried. Practically everything in the world was wrong with this one: it was brand new. a 2005, it was a Memphis Custom DOT Reissue, the basic ES-335 for the period. It had a '60s profile slim neck, it had stock Grovers, it had orange peel in the finish on the side of the headstock, it had jumbo frets, it wasn't light. But it was incredibly sweet, with a plantive tone in all three switch positions.

    We didn't have any spare money but my lovely wife bought it for me for Christmas. Once it was home and I got it setup with .009s on it and discovered that it played really fast and marvelously. It has since become the center of my kit, the guitar I have to force myself to NOT play to make room for the rest. It is just so articulate and the neck is fantastic. It goes to most recording sessions with me. Here it is right after I got it, sharing the control room with my G&L S-500:


    A short while later I was doing a "proof of concept" for my home studio so I threw THIS short demo together. All the guitar sounds except the lap steel are played on the neck pickup of the ES-335.

    I'll not argue vintage vs. new, because I own a couple of vintage guitars that I love as well, but this is an exceptional guitar.

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  6. ce24

    ce24 Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 26, 2008
    3E42A580-0156-440A-A296-E4A7952FC02F.jpeg This PRS SE1 is an absolute killer of all my guitars. Added the stacked pot to have a tone pot.
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  7. northernguitar

    northernguitar Friend of Leo's

    Jan 18, 2009
    North of Toronto
    I have no idea what the controversy is.
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