This forum is making me crazy, last night I dreamed about Blowtorch!


Tele Axpert
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Jun 21, 2011
Over in the night, I got to dreaming about a big sale they were having at Costco. They said that everyone who could actually find a parking space at the sale, would get a ten-pound box of New York steaks. Well, me and the wifey were zeroed in on a handicap parking space, since we have a placard, when BLOWTORCH comes screaming up in the road across the fence from the parking lot.

He jumps out of the car, and throws one of his kids across the fence, who runs over and stands in the parking lot hogging the space. I get out of the car, and wrestle the kid out of the way, and my wife drives the car into the parking space!

Just as soon as she gets the car locked here comes Blowtorch fuming because I wrestled his kid out of the parking space. He jumps out of the car, and he's not wearing a shirt, his hair is standing on end in a fancy pompadour from what can only be a pound of pomade stuck to it, and he's wearing an old Epiphone LP slung around his neck with a really funky looking strap. He runs over and tries to take a swing at me, but somehow gets tangled up in the Epiphone, and falls into the fence, where he becomes entangled, and unable to free himself.

My wife and I take this opportunity to make our escape, while his kid hurls epithets at us. Before we get to the door, we see a guy in a tiny Smart Car who has a sign on his car that says security on it. We tell him there's a crazy man caught in the fence down the way, and to be careful how he approaches him. We go in and claim our steaks!

This is in no way presented as a true story, it is only a dream brought on by frequenting this forum. Apologies to BT, though he did make a good toss with the kid.