Thirty years of Prince's forgotten album.

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    In 1989 Prince was in a good place, the eighties had treated him well, VERY well. And our Royal badness had no intention of stopping, his new band the NPG was coming into their own and with "Lovesexy" he had a the perfect album to gloriously close the eighties with.

    Until a director by the name of Tim Burton contacted him about a movie he was producing which had several Prince songs in the scenes, Burton wanted Prince's permission to use those songs in the final cut of the movie. That Movie was about THIS super hero.
    Prince, who was a BIG comic book nerd, told Burton, he'd do even better and write him a full score and sound track. Resulting in the only Prince album which does not have his name or Symbol on the cover.

    But among the critics and Prince fans alike the album was considered a big let down, the general consensus was "You've repeated yourself, we heard songs like these on your previous albums!" and although with 11 million copies sold it wasn't a flop, people viewed it as being a cash grab from the purple one and it took two years before Prince got a credible album with "Diamonds and Pearls" making people forget about "Batman" completely.

    But 30 years later and opinions have changed, people began to see the album in a different light. Because YES, those critics who said that the album was similar to what he released before were actually right. But that also means that the songs on "Batman" had to pretty flippin' GOOD, if they were so similar to his previous output.

    The Future
    This song, told in the person of Batman echoes the general feel of his "Controversy" album, painting a dark, bleak picture of the world, where crime is rampant and criminals are well respected.

    Electric Chair
    This song is the opposite of "the Future" as told by The Joker. This song is as oversexed as the "Dirty Mind" era of Prince but adding a lot of the ferocious guitar riffing from a song like "Let's go crazy" for good measure.

    Party man
    Again a song from the Joker's point of view, this scene originally used the song "1999" in the rough cut that Prince got to see. So "Party man" apes that song's groove and message of "Let's party before we all die"

    But the album also went beyond being a "greatest hits" package.

    "The Arms of Orion" gave us a preview on what "Diamonds and Pearls" would eventually become.

    So, here we are 30 years on and "Batman" has risen in stature, while not yet being on the level of Prince's best albums, it certainly has aged very well as more people start to discover that "Batman" wasn't the "throwaway" and "Cash grab" album that people back then mistook it for.
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    If a man is considered guilty...

    Bringing da funk!
  3. Brian J.

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    Nov 12, 2012
    i still don't like it but hey some people like their cucumbers pickled and some don't
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    I was just a youngster, but I listened to this album (as a cassette tape) a LOT when Batman came out. Had completely forgotten it, thanks for the reminder! Gotta add this one to the mix, what a flashback it is!
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