Things to Quit Saying


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Apr 20, 2013
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"The ask". As in, "The ask is for us to complete this by the end of the week."

"Like". Used as a millenial filler word.

"Expend some calories". As, "Let's expend some calories towards this effort."

"You know". Only when used as a filler.

"Senior management". We are constantly being told "Senior management wants this, senior management needs that." There is no one of Mexican heritage named Senior Management. I hate these labels, as they are meant to be used as a scare tactic without naming anyone we can address.


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Jan 31, 2014

"Where does the phrase cherry picking come from?"

"A metaphor, from the idea of picking through a bowl of cherries and seeking the best for oneself."
Not sure who you're quoting here, but if you admit it as a metaphor, which I suppose is possible, it's a darn poor one, there's very little parallel between picking cherries from a bowl for their quality and selecting data to meet a particular agenda. And picking cherries from a bowl is not, in any civilized society, called "cherry picking"; even in this lax modern age, "cherry" as an adverb is well beyond the pale- damn it, now I have to look THAT up, what is "the pale"?


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Mar 2, 2010
Once again, where do the cherries come in? You're just picking; you wouldn't pick bad cumquats or cherimoyas or- one would hope- data either. Nor does the phrase, as generally used, refer to picking for quality or any general criterion, it refers to picking data to support a particular agenda. No, I suppose that the phrase originates from the fact that a device known as a "cherry picker" exists, but it doesn't "cherry pick" it helps pick cherries. Then there's the factor of grammar, admittedly a dying art, but "cherry" as an adverb? Argghh.
Since youre picking at "cherry", we may want to exclude the 21st C and the second half of the 20th C for clues to the etymology.

Remember that "cherry" used to be used like "the cats", back around WWII era when fruit came to the USA from the USA but was picked by Mexicans and poor Anricans. Everyone knew "the cats" was short for "the cats meow" and did not aply to the litterbox.

Im not certain, specialized cherry picking tech applies to all WWII cherry farming but i bet back when "cherry" meant just the best damn thing imaginable (similar to peaches used as peachy) cherry pickers were very poor people who slept on the ground and climbed those pointy fruit picking ladders to reach the high handing fruit.

Notably again we have expressions like "low hanging fruit" from a bygone era when 1) we didnt get fruit flown in from all over the world, 2) fruit was not an industrial product, 3) there was no OSHA, 4) before them kids seen Pareee it was easier to keep 'em down on the farm, 5) before the GI bill none o' them farm boys went to no college, and 6) you had to be there and catch the facial cues to know if cherry applied to real nice, or meant really unspoiled in the biblical sense of cherry.

I read cherry picking is starting with a group of the best then choosing the best among them.
AKA rejecting fine things.
Elitism if you will.
Maybe even cheating.