Things to Quit Saying


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Aug 17, 2013
Essex UK
How about a ban on any and all things said in passive voice unless you weren't in any way involved in the situation described? I absolutely cannot stand when a person in authority says things like "mistakes were made", or "words were exchanged", or some other claptrap to try and deflect responsibility away from themselves. Dude, if you're in any authority and you were either involved or directed the situation in any capacity, IT'S YOUR FAULT. Own it and get down to solving the problem instead of some lazy off-handed quip to the concerned public that's intended to save face, but instead makes you look even more like the south end of a north-bound mule.

Great googly-moogly...
‘South end of a North bound mule’! Never heard it but will use it from now on. It’ll therefore probably appear around page 150 of this thread. Brilliant!