These Knobs- JHS and Earthquaker style. Does anyone know what the name of these are


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Aug 18, 2015
Sounds like you've had some probs in the past with them. sorry for that.
my first contact with them was, when they must have been pretty new to the market. cool that they're located in Berlin too, so I asked if I could pick up my Jensen Speaker. sure, so I came along via google maps, on my cycle accross town, to find them in the backyard of a tenement house, after asking multiple neighbours where the heck that company could be residing. Two flights up, the owner leads me through a tight labyrinth of boxes, stacked to the ceiling (cue Indiana Jones, squeezing through confined spaces) forget swinging a cat around... but I was happy to get what I came for.
later, I was also happy to learn they moved location to a bigger (proper) place and expanded their inventory at competition prices.
it's great to have them around. :cool::)
They were ok a couple of years ago. They still had stuff on their site that was labeled as in stock and wasn't, but it eventually came a month or two later.

And it was quite easy to return stuff that had the wrong specs on the site. A lot of stuff doesn't have full specs and never had.

Now stuff not in stock doesn't come even a year later, no notifications or anything. They have a new boss (not the owner) who is really hard to deal with and seems to either be always drunk or on drugs, or just being a jerk and trolling and emailing bs.

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