The turkey WILL have its revenge!

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Jun 13, 2019
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I saw @Obsessed ‘s thread about leftovers but this turkey story couldn’t even wait to be leftovers

My experience starts in the wee hours after thanksgiving

To preface: for a fat man i usually don’t eat that much

The meal which I ravished was a decent sized plate of turkey,taters,stuffing and cranberry/sweet potatoes, I had cleared er and decided after a dessert of pecan pie “that’s enough!”.

But it wasn’t! One of the wings kept calling, beckoning “come get me!” “I’m crispy!”

The wing had won and beckoned me over “just a nibble”. I finished it off with a greed for meat that had only previously been thought possible in times of famine.
while dispatching the bones into the waste receptacle the lonely pot of sweet potatoes caught my eye
“There’s not many left, if you finish em you won’t have to pack em in the fridge”,down they go!

(I know at this point I’m sounding like a glutton but I swear it didn’t seem unreasonable)

The real story starts later at 12:55 in the morning

I wake in a sweat, A feeling came over me that only happens in a great while. I tossed around a little “is it all the sugar?” I rise uncomfortably nauseous “what could this be”

“I’ve done it now! I’ve given myself TURKOSIS!” A dreaded condition when your blood becomes more gobble particles than blood

I was rapidly deteriorating, “it’s too damn hot in here!”
I unrobe a little and make my way to the back porch, the only way to make it through the turkey overdose is to wait it out in a comfortable breeze.I sit with my eyes closed rocking back and forth in a meditative position and hope I survive the worst of it.

“Is this how I end?”

The TURKEY had its revenge
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