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    Having grown up reading Dr Allen Strange's Electronic Music Text ( +++A plus good)
    Mini Moog's and Micro Moog's and old fashion tape delays and a rat pedal not to forget the AD/A Flanger.
    I' have always viewed guitar pedals as just a style of modular synthesis ( smushing the wave form )
    Using only faux amps, plugins, and various pedals and virtual plugins in hardware processors (Digitech Gonkulator). We are at a place in time when the artists seem to be pushing composition, technology, and performance. The contribution of Emmett Chapman and his revolutionary Chapman Stick and the evolving technology of his original instrument has directly influenced playing technique , which he has Credited Jimi Hendrix , having seen Hendrix play, as the inspiration for his experimentation

    Some Artists , Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Vernon Reed ,Tosin Abas to name a few have expanded the world of guitar well beyond surf music
    Vernon Reed Guitar
    LOVE A TUNE UP.jpg
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    the pickguard on that Prs looks pretty cool i have to say, it's actually an improvement giving it more of a retro look.
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