The song we should have requested?


Sep 3, 2021
Kansas City MO
And right there is the problem. The guitar players in Lynyrd Skynyd AREN'T noodling, they're playing actual parts that they worked out. Most cover bands won't learn the solos and, in my opinion, the songs suffer. There was a local band here, a really good cover band, that played Free Bird. They had a guy who played slide, they pulled their sound guy off the board to play bass, the bass player switched to guitar, so they had a three guitar line-up, and they freakin' NAILED it. It's impressive when done right.
Gimme Three Steps came up at a jam I play at. Someone else playing bass, but I made a note and have worked on it some in case it is called when I'm up. Again, it is an actual part that, when played correctly, makes the song. I've faked my way through countless tunes, and it usually is OK, but nailing a signature lick or part elevates it to another level.

Guilty pleasure: I know it's popular to rag on Mustang Sally, but it gets people on the dance floor and the bass drives the song, so I still kind of dig it.