The SCARIEST moment in your life!

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by T-bone Ted, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. brookdalebill

    brookdalebill Tele Axpert Ad Free Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Austin, Tx
    I have had two vehicular NDE's.
    The second was way more serious, but the first was scarier.
    I was driving the converted 88 seat school bus/band bus and 16 ft. Wells Cargo equipment trailer to a two week stand in Grande Prairie, AB, from Whitecourt, AB.
    This was early Oct 1992, I'm 35.
    Freezing rain started falling about a half hour after we left.
    It was the first ice of the season.
    The road quickly became encrusted in ice.
    At about the midway point on the trip, I approached a steep hill (Isogun Hill).
    As I crested I saw the semi in front of me fish tail, and the valley below littered with
    vehicles on both sides.
    Approximately a dozen assorted pickup trucks, cars and semis were strewn at the bottom.
    No emergency vehicles had arrived yet.
    I quickly had to decide what to do.
    I was gaining on the semi, and I didn't want to push him down.
    I was inexperienced in driving bigger, heavier vehicles at this time.
    I decided to go around the semi on the left.
    I got around him, and did not hit anyone in the other lane, but when I crossed back over, I lost control.
    I went off the right side, threw the trailer, and landed the bus on it's right side, facing the opposite direction.
    The key player, who was standing in the bus entrance well ended up under the steering column with a nasty cut on his shin.
    I hit the windshield, and knocked a tooth through my upper lip.
    I also got a nasty wound on my right cheek,
    the one you can't see when you meet me.
    The other three guys (in the bunks) were just shaken up.
    All the amps, lights, guitars, and luggage ended up in the slough at the bottom of the hill.
    All the gear except the guitars were ruined, and they all got soaked.
    My avatar guitar and 63 Epi Texan, and the leaders cool old Ricky bass all were damaged.
    All of us went to the hospital, but no permanent, serious damage happened to us.
    We had to get another bus, trailer and PA.
    I did another year of touring after that, then got off the road.
    I've often wondered if I should have hit the trailer brake.
    I don't know if it would have mattered.
    I've never been that scared before or since.
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  2. Uncle Daddy

    Uncle Daddy Tele-Holic

    Sep 26, 2015
    Maldon, England
    Plane got struck by lightning flying over the Alps on the way to Italy, and promptly had a power failure. It only lasted about 15 seconds, but the felt a lot longer as we dropped through the sky.
  3. Chud

    Chud Poster Extraordinaire

    Dec 30, 2010
    New York City
    Aside from several close calls on motorcycles, probably the most “almost shat myself” moments were from the war. A few friendly fire incidents (hint, friendly fire isn’t), and a few post hostility incidents that were made more scary because hostilities had officially ceased.
  4. RoscoeElegante

    RoscoeElegante Friend of Leo's

    Feb 19, 2015

    Third Place: Been charged by an angry bear. Had my head and my home shot at (separate incidents). Someone tried to run me down in a car as I was crossing my own street. Been swarmed by a half-dozen angry, drunken frat boys intent on ripping me apart. Been charged by pit bulls several times. And by a rabid skunk. While walking alone, fell through a frozen pond and couldn't get out of it, as the lip of ice kept breaking as I tried to heave myself up on it. Have had a drug-crazed freak charge into our home, pinning my youngest daughter (then 12) against the wall. Have had people trying to sneakily break and also loudly force their way into our house, the latter threatening to kill us all. A mugger put a knife to my throat. Was told I may have esophageal cancer and to review my will "carefully" before surgery. Would've been creamed by a Mack truck had I pulled the brake handle, which I was trying to do, rather than the clutch handle, which I wrongly but savingly did, as I sped too fast for stopping down a dirt road that crossed a county highway on a curve. That roaring bulldog juuuuust missed my rear tire. Wind sheer-caused air accident. Almost drowned by two different rivers that I'd stupidly stayed in, wade-fishing, as dusk became night and I couldn't see what undertow holes I was stepping into. Friend had to pull me out of a yet another undertow hole just two years ago, after saving her young daughter first. Surrounded by tense, gun-pointing cops who thought my brother's out-of-state car had just been involved in a bank robbery. Had a cop point a gun at me in my own yard last year when I'd called on frat boys bashing up the yard that I'd gone out to protect with a baseball bat. I didn't even know I still had the bat in my hands when the cops pulled up, and the cops didn't know if my fury was meant for them or the frat boys. 9mm's look like cannons when they're aiming at you.

    Second Place: Twice my oldest son--then five--was just close enough to pull my youngest son--then three--out of the way of speeding cars. (First time, the youngest had scurried after a ball; the second time, he'd zipped after a butterfly.)

    First Place: Oldest daughter born scoring 0 on the Apgar Scale. Cord was around her neck. Emergency C-section. They pushed me away and held me back from the operating room as I traded whatever iota of the universe I am for my child to survive. Thank God/meaningless coincidence/whatever also created Dawn Wells and peaches, she did just fine. Breathing and pink and yelling about Astro-Turf within a moment of being wrenched out. Grew up to have only the congenital problems of lousy math and tidiness skills. But, still........ Maybe because it was my first child, or maybe just because of the pure injustice of a purely innocent newborn not making it alive into this beautiful mess, nothing ever turned me inside out quite like that.

    I probably shouldn't have replied to this thread at all. Now I have a driving need to clean the kitchen and fold the laundry by way of both giving thanks, which, of course, I do almost hourly, the maze always looping around that core moment, and fending off disaster, somehow. Once you put innocence into the world, the world's menace seems nearer.
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  5. mad dog

    mad dog Friend of Leo's

    Jun 27, 2005
    Montclair, NJ
    My years driving a taxi in NYC provided some unexpected entertainment, to put it mildly. Most nights were just chaotic and annoying. But every once in a while ...

    One hot night I left a fare off on a Times Square side street. This is the old, dangerous Times Square. Before the door could close, someone hops in. I turn to see a simply enormous, muscle bound transvestite. Nasty wig, clown type makeup, cocktail dress with fake ****, a strange and scary looking dude. He pulls out a long blade, lays it on the seat next to him and says "We're going to pickup a friend and do a little errand uptown. You should think about cooperating." I don't turn on the meter, hoping at some point the TLC police will pull me over. (Never happened.) And Mr. He She didn't notice. So we drive west to 8th Ave, pull over on a corner. An equally large guy - no dress though - hops in. They direct me way uptown. Somewhere in the 140s on the west side, an area which at that time was extremely dangerous due to drug traffic.

    And that was our errand. A drug run. These two guys were talking violent crap in the back, clearly enjoying the hell out of terrorizing me. And I was in terror. Guy one stays in the car with the blade while guy two goes upstairs, returns after awhile with a not small package. That's what scared me the most. The size of the package. Why would they let me go?

    So we drive back. Same deal. Threats and laughter from the back. Pull up right where it had started. Guy one waves the knife at me, says "Tonight's your lucky night!" and they split. I did feel lucky right then.
  6. 1293

    1293 Poster Extraordinaire

    May 18, 2006
    Watching my father die of a heart attack when I was 8.
  7. SoulstormTX

    SoulstormTX Tele-Meister

    Jul 14, 2017
    San Antonio, Tx
    Im gonna take this thread in a different direction. Please dont call me crazy, but i still have no idea what happened that night.

    It was november 2005 in south texas to set the scene. I was in college and made the 4 hour drive home to the middle of nowhere with my girlfriend. Nobody was home that weekend so late the night we arrived we fooled around a bit and started watching a movie before going to sleep. The tv service was via one of those extremely large satellite dishes people use to have in their backyards.

    Anyway, at about 2:30 in the morning while watching the movie in bed all the animals on my parents property went crazy. Sheep bleating, cows bellowing, dogs losing their minds, cats screeching, etc. I thought it was strange, but chalked it up to a late night wildlife intrusion. A few minutes later the satellite goes from crystal clear signal to white noise and static and then shortly thereafter the electicity went out. As soon as the electricity went out, the animals fell dead silent. Now keep in mind the weather was beautiful that night, no storms and nothing forecast for the next week.

    This is where things get really weird. We are still in bed, just talking and trying to figure out what happened and we hear this low, barely audible but definitely real electrostatic humming. Suddenly the room goes from pitch black to so incredibly bright that it was like a whiteout. The light was coming through the window from the pasture in the back of the house. Any details in the room were incredibly difficult to pick out due to the sheer luminosity of this light. It lasted about 5 seconds and then went out. It then proceeded to come flash back on and off at 5 to 10 second intervals for the next five minutes or so. I wish i could say either of us were brave enough to get up and look out the window, but we didnt. We were so scared, we just layed there and embraced each other.

    Then it stopped. The humming went away, the animals started back up, the electricity came back on, and the tv eventually went from static back to crystal clear reception.

    It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life and i still have no clue what happened. I got up the next morning and went outside to check out the back of the house. Nothing back there could have created that light. There were no floodlights, transformers or anything back there. I tried to talk to my gf about it, but she didnt want to. She just wanted to ignore that it ever happened. Strange times.
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  8. Obsessed

    Obsessed Telefied Ad Free Member

    Nov 21, 2012
    My buddy and I didn't quite make it to the "safe" spot up a notorious avalanche gulch to make a peak assault the next morning, so we pitched our tent within a small bunch of the only standing trees left for the night right at tree line. About 2:00 AM we were awaken by a roar neither of us has ever heard. A deafening roar heading down the gulch. We both instantly got out of sleeping bags to get out of the tent, but by that time the roar flew by us at incredible speed. We thought the avalanche didn't come far enough up the walls of the gulch, because we could not see anything disturbed around us in the dark. As it kept going down the gulch we both sighed in relief and then all of a sudden it started coming again, but this time from the oppposite direction. We held our breaths, but totally puzzled.

    It turned out to be freak high gusts of wind going back and forth through the canyon.
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  9. jimgchord

    jimgchord Tele-Holic

    Apr 3, 2018
    My first cluster headache
  10. xgritzx

    xgritzx Tele-Meister

    May 20, 2016
    northern VA
    well, my sixteen year old daughter spent about a week on heart and lung bypass in may, after her heart failed out of nowhere one Friday night. my birthday actually. I won't get into it beyond that but its definitely the scariest [what turned out to be a] month of my life.
  11. Tele wacker

    Tele wacker Tele-Holic

    Jun 15, 2009
    Wichita is nice.
    The night of Oct. 24, 1973. I was in the USAF and on an ICBM missile launch crew. All was good until we got a coded message and we had to open the red safe, get out the launch keys, break the seals and insert the launch keys. The HF and USF radios were going crazy with traffic. SAC and the major USAF commands were all broadcasting over the radio. We actually thought we were about to go to war. There was no accident. This was real and I haven't talked about it all that many times. Scared the crap out of me. I was the oldest member of the crew at 24. Things settled back down a few hours later and the next day we found that Russia had launched some missiles from their operational bases and didn't tell anyone in the US military about it. We had to get ready to go and we did and we would have launched if we had actually gotten a message to give us a "key turn" time. Still scares me today.
  12. playforfun

    playforfun Tele-Holic

    Feb 25, 2013
    Luna Louisiana
    Many times I've been scared. Surprised An scared at the same time was the worst. Clearing a house turned a corner into a bedroom looking straight down a rifle. It's always the last room you check. Lol. Oh an amity vile horror red eyes in the window. Now why would they do that.

    Ok the worst was when my wife had a brain tumor An the doctors would not give me an update. 6 hours into a 4 hour surgery was more than I could stand. I met security in the operating room. You'd be surprised where youcan go if you act like you belong. She's fine now but I guess I blocked this An never try to think about how close she came that day. I get chills typing this just fear of what could have happened. Now back to the music folks.
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  13. MisterZ

    MisterZ Tele-Holic

    Apr 29, 2016
    Finger Lakes of NYS
    5:50 am PDT, 11 September 2001. I am in a hotel in La Jolla, CA, the phone rings. My then-girlfriend called to tell me that a plane had hit the place I worked, 1 World Trade Center. I turned the TV on and realized that Flight 11 had hit the floor I worked on, and that everyone I knew there was likely dead.

    Worst day of my life, even worse than the days my parents died. Scary to know that I was only not there because of a crazy business trip.
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  14. ce24

    ce24 Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 26, 2008
    2 motorcycle crashes.... Losing my board 1/4 mile out with 10 ft waves pounding me on the North shore Hi......crossing the Kuskokwim river Alaska in a small 16 ft boat with tide going out and the wind against it creating waves.... Only a mile across but I had to quarter the waves so as not to roll the boat.. Took 5 miles to get across.... My new wife was huddled in the bow for weight.... That was scary.....
  15. 64Strat

    64Strat Friend of Leo's Vendor Member

    Oct 6, 2003
    Sudden black ice on a major interstate toll road at night... Spun out into the median without hitting anything, only to realize a flatbed tractor trailer had overturned behind me and the 10 or 20 Ton steel sheet rolls had broken free from the chains and were rolling down the median towards my car. The one missed the back of my car by less than 10'. This event had convinced me to always carry a spare set of under shorts. That roll of steel ended up hitting the bridge support up the median from me.

    Cruising in a 6 seat single engine Cessna out over the ocean, heading to Key West, when the engine quit. That was a few minutes of contemplating ditching in the ocean, miles from shore of one of the Keys and wondering if I'd make it. I had spare under shorts by this time.
  16. bcorig

    bcorig Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    Mar 11, 2018
    Chino Hills CA
    Almost killing myself on WB I-80 after falling asleep at the wheel. Traveling backwards on the shoulder, I awoke just before impact on a concrete drainage housing.
    First thing I recalled was a trucker asking me if I was “OK”. Next thing I hear is him shout “HE’S ALIVE!!”.
    22 years old.
  17. cpk313

    cpk313 TDPRI Member

    Apr 2, 2018
    Allentown PA
    First- my daughter being kidnapped by her mother and then boyfriend out of state when she was 2. They were supposed to be on a business trip/vacation in Baltimore, turned out he was fired from that job 2 weeks prior. They had really taken her to Norfolk, Virginia to evade creditors. Luckily greed got the better of them and they showed up 2 weeks later for child support and were served with an emergency change of custody. Her mom took off again a few months later and has fortunately never reared her pretty but bat**** crazy head again (knock on my asat).

    Coming in at a close second. Sawed off shotgun a few inches from my head. 17, being in the wrong place, with the wrong people, at the wrong time.

    Remember kid's, 3 wrongs don't make a right!
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