The One Pickup Guitar Thread. Let's see 'em!!


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Nov 30, 2013
Horn Lake, MS
Only got 3 - 1 pickup guitars.


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Apr 19, 2012
lynn ma
Got a couple that can qualify!

Got a Esquire inspired build, started as a Hosco tele body that I reshaped and finished. Went through some iterations but now it has an Area Hot T for a pup with a volume pot, Q-filter pot, and “cocked wah” mini toggle. I also sanded back the stain to create a faux binding. Warmoth one piece rosewood neck.

Also recently redid my Slick SL 59 (originally sunburst). Again, reshaped the body and refinished it myself. Currently has a GFS mini humbucker to a volume pot. Simple rock machine

One more for now…Warmoth Rosewood semi hollow tele with a Gibson Classic 57 wired to a volume pot. Great pickup, lots of tonal variation for such a simple set up

CV Jee Beez

Nov 24, 2016
Duarte, CA
In an earlier post I put up a couple pics of two Gibson's I own, and they are both one pickup models. Then I did some mental addition (I'm on vacation currently and was told there would be no math) and realized I have a number of one pickup guitars. Well, and also just a whole lot of guitars in general.

So I'm going to start off with my oldest and dearest:

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1965 Harmony Rocket. I got this one maybe a year after learning a few chords, so around 1980-81. Best guitar I had up till them. Big 50's style neck that I love! And talk about a rockin' pickup, this DeArmond gold foil makes you want to dig in.

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2017 Godin 5th Avenue. I always wanted a Gibson ES-125. I really love the neck on this one!! I play it mostly acoustically.

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Starfield Howard Roberts "lawsuit". Fujigen made, mid-70's most likely (no serial number). Super high quality. Not many of these around. I need to start a thread on this one someday. Sweet jazz box! (Like I could play jazz!)

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2019 Les Paul Junior. The tribute series or something. Got it from my dad's collection when he passed a few years ago. I replaced the bridge. Sounds like P-90 goodness!

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2011 Gibson Melody Maker Explorer. Got it in a trade for a MIK SG copy. I think I came out ahead on that deal. Great 50's size neck and the reduced body size (compared to normal Explorers) is just the best. I replaced the PU and knob. It rocks!

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1982 Epiphone Spirit. Made at the Kalamazoo plant. Bought this one 20 some years ago early in the ebay days. Just an excellent playing, light guitar and a superb neck. These three-piece maple necks with no volute are stable as heck, feel great and are unnecessarily maligned. All because they aren't the "proper" mahogany one-piece. You know, the ones that supposedly break fairly easily.

I think for the purposes of this thread acoustics don't count. I figure it has to have a magnetic pickup. As an example, I have a Godin A6 that has a magnetic pickup as well as the bridge piezo. So technically that's two pickups and I didn't include it.

Let's see what everyone has!!
That's a lot of single pickup guitars. Are you a cyclops?


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May 2, 2003