The Mario Bros and shred guitar vs non shred discussion,

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    I loosely define shred as super fast streams of modality consciousness. Pretty cool. The style to me is based in fast, amusement park style where it's all for the thrill of the ride, it could be the rollercoaster or the scrambler, chose your thrill. That's sort of an analogy of the way the listener reacts to shred.

    I can't help but notice the music in early computer were known for their hyper digital pad-generated tones, and how they would be these fast, steady streams of notes and beats.

    If I had to answer this question,
    what music sounds more like Mario Bros
    1. shred
    2. blues

    I would choose that Shred and Mario are more like each other than blues.

    Here's the hard part of this discussion
    Some people do NOT react to the steady stream of digital kaoss at an arcade. In fact they have to leave asap.

    So what does this listener react to if it's not steady fire machine gun musical energy?

    Well, there is the sensitive nerd, the more introspective nerd. The person who reflects and responds. Musical reaction for the nerd has a " flow-hit-flow" phrasing put in guitar terms. It requires groove as a springboard to react with. You're in the air and then you contact the board and back in the air floating, it happens in that sort of cyclic way.

    BB blues works like this, not shred blues. In BB blues he would sing something and then his guitar girlfriend Lucille whould respond. In music it's called call and response or tension/release.

    These tension/release moments are also called "call and response", think of vocalist/band, the vocalist sings a phrase and the band responds with a nice filler.
    When the main melody backs off, that is thought of as "taking a breath", this can go all the way into opposites, ying/yang.

    That can all be summed up to,
    Shred = modal velocity based
    Blues, rock, jazz = melodic phrase based

    Just my opinion, what do you think?
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