The first and last remaining Dutch Hippie band: CCC Incorporated

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    Capital Canal City Folk & Blues Incorporated were founded in 1967 by multi instrumentalist Joost Belinfante who got a few of his Hippie Friends together in an effort to start commune and a folk band.
    A picture of one of the earliest live performances of CCC Inc. Belinfante is the guy with the sideburns.

    The band quickly got a following in Amsterdam where all the members lived, playing Woody Guthry, Dylan, the Band and doing so with an authenticity which other bands at the time couldn't match.

    But the band truly started making a name for themselves after they all decamped to a rural village in the province of Brabant, they were quite a shock to the system of the Villagers who didn't know what to make of these long haired, scruffy people.

    This clip shows pictures of the farm house they all settled in.

    But the town folk quickly got used and learned to appreciate what the Hippies from the city did, they held mini music festivals which became such a well liked event that people still talked about those years later and as one farmer remarked when he saw Pianist Ernst Janzs fix the roof of the farmhouse "So you city folk CAN work after all!"

    The band began to cut their teeth playing major festivals like the Holland festival in 1970, where among others, they shared the bill with The Byrds and Pink Floyd, to this day it was the largest music festival ever to take place on Dutch soil.

    "Tennessee Waltz" off of their first album, throughout the early to mid seventies they released two more.

    However, communal living turned out to be more than a hassle than the band members mistook it for and slowly one member after another left the farmhouse until Pianist Ernst Jansz was the only one left. In fact he STILL lives in that farmhouse.

    During the remainder of the decade, the band effectively disbanded but never officially and the members worked on other projects over the years

    But their Cult status was already established and certainly when the two core members Belinfante and Jansz worked together in Doe Maar with which they achieved unparalleled success.

    Doe Maar with Jansz doing lead vocals and Belinfante doing the harp solo.

    So when that band folded, Belinfante and Jansz decided to hit the ground running and got CCC Inc. back together and with Doe Maar's fan base providing them with a new audience and thus introducing them to the music of Guthry, Dylan and their ilk. Their return saw the band being lauded as the keepers of the flame of Hippie Ideals and Hippie music.
    CCC Inc. in the mid eighties.
    The band is still going strong and is doing so by remaining true to their roots and how they did it back in the sixties, by playing small venues and doing it all on their own terms.
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    Interesting story. Wonder how many GREAT bands there are "out there" that we have never heard of? ;)
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