The Evolution of the Domestic Dog

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    Well, in Beaumont, and not properly in town - out on the edge of town with bayous and 'gators that eat the slower dogs (and people) they don't believe in fences or leashes. Dogs of all descriptions roam the streets in large packs. (For real.)
    Some years ago I had occasion to visit the area to help a friend get her mother moved into a nursing/old folk's home.
    I took my brand new Ibis Hakkalugi to ride around the area. While riding I noticed that the locals all carried large cudgels and pointy sticks. I wondered about this. I asked my friend about this as I've never noticed this sort of armed strollers before. She said its because of the large number of dogs that run free and like to chase/eat strollers.
    Now, I had seen the dogs but they hadn't bothered me at all. If fact, it was common for me to have a train of 12-15 dogs following me when I was out bike riding.
    Humm... this must mean something. Clearly the dogs saw me as their leader, so henceforward I have been the King of Dogs.
    Never had a dog of my own but my father was an amateur breeder. He raised AKC champion beagles and would sometimes have 50-60 beagles.
    Ooooh! Ooooh! Beagles are the Kings of Dogs too.
    As an aside, as a bicyclist we have a name for country dogs: Sprint Coaches. As in, you sprint for the property line with a Sprint Coach urging you on.

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    Hmmph. Dogs don't often like bicycles so thats very interesting indeed.
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    I've got rain gear and cold weather gear for my two dogs. They don't mind it, and they don't know the difference between rain gear, cold weather gear, and dressing them up like a freaking Santa Clause, or other Halloween/Christmas costume. It's all the same to them. So would I a) stop dressing them in rain or cold weather gear when necessary, or b) just stop with the costumes ? Ask them...they don't give a fig.
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    I was homeless in 1980 and found a room for rent in a home/ gallery where two hippies lived and rented rooms as well as selling their paintings and photography.
    I was trying to learn to play guitar at the time, I think I'd just bought a Hohner acoustic for $50 in a pawn shop but couldn't really play it yet.

    The night I moved in their mutt black dog had ten puppies, all black dogs, with no known father.
    As time passed and the puppies were all given away, all those puppies grew up to be bad dogs. Driving through town, you could hear them howling, one after another, out in the yards of the people who adopted them.

    So this family that took me in for my $25/ week were pretty bad too, and they both sang typical hippie songs and played guitars. Stones and CSNY most nights.

    So there I was, a really bad guitar player in a bad room in a bad house with these bad hippies and bad dogs. It was a pretty bad time.

    The first song I learned to play was No Expectations off Beggars Banquet.

    Take me to the station
    Put me on a train
    I got no expectations
    To pass
    Through here

    20 years prior, my Mother had decided to have a baby when her marriage was falling apart, my Father had become an abusive drunk.
    When she told him she was pregnant he got mad and said "you stole my seed!"
    Three years later they got divorced and we went off to a party town where I was pretty much raised by wolves.

    But I got schooled by Bad Dogs!
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    foxes, jackals and dingoes, there are many distinct fox species as a matter of fact, there are 36 canine species and 34 feline species, so dogs have a slight edge over the cats.
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    Thanks! I told Harley and he's struttin.
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