The Ever-Recurring FWRH Question

Discussion in 'Tele Home Depot' started by johmica, Sep 19, 2020.

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    Right off the bat, if there's an existing thread that deals with my question, I would welcome a reference to it. I did a quick search, and couldn't find the answer to my specific question, so here goes . . .

    I just ordered one of the FWRHRIs (can I make that a thing? Or should it be FWRH-RI?). It shipped yesterday.

    I'm a lefty, so I can't just up and buy one of the AO 70s reissues. Instead, I'm going to build my own. My intentions are to get MJT to finish the body and neck and age the hardware a bit (I'll go somewhere between closet clean and light wear, with just a hint of yellowing on the neck), and I'm going to contact Don Mare and ask him which of his bridge pickups would balance nicely with the FWRH in the neck (I've got a set of Hayrides from him in another MJT build, and I'm soooo impressed with his product).

    My question, ever-recurring, is about the best pots and caps to use. I know that the vintage FWRH performs best with 1 meg pots, and I assume that the same holds true for the RI. But I'm concerned that 1 meg pots might make the single-coil bridge pickup too "trebly." Can you use different pots for different pickups on in the same guitar, or does this mess up the tone, the "balance," etc? Do I go with 1 meg pots throughout, or do I use 250k on the bridge volume and tone, and 1 meg on the neck volume and tone?

    Also, I know absolutely zero about caps. What value capacitors should I use on the build?

    As always, any guidance offered by the community is greatly appreciated.
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    There is probably no final answer to your question outside of another discussion. A baseline answer would be to use stock values as a start and listen where to go from there. You like the Don Mares - ask him what pot value he recommends. Caps are so inexpensive, it would be a little silly not to buy more than one value to try. You're building a guitar for yourself, so let your ears show you the way.
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    ^^What he said.
    Try several different values until you find the one you like best.

    There’s a reason there’s aftermarket parts and entire forums dedicated to modding guitars.
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