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    Had one of those nights when sleep wasn't cooperating so I turned on the TV and came across Backstage Pass airing on WNYE. The show according to the listing was from 2018 (though the PBS site says aired 11/2017) and the act was the Crane Wives, a four piece from Michigan.
    What caught my eye was the band's name - The Crane Wives - which reminded me of the Decemberists album The Crane Wife (a good CD which caused me to look up the story behind the name, which is from a Japanese fable).
    I thoroughly enjoyed them, the songs and vocals were good and the music kept me interested. Kind of folk-rockish/Americana in my ears. The two leads reminded me of early Indigo Girls (another act that I have enjoyed over the years).
    Here's a link to the show if interested:

    Sorry, but I was not able to embed it since it was not one of the allowable URL sites.
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    lots of other great shows there too.
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