Dec 6, 2021
IMHO, if you don't like the neck, it's game over, at least for that neck.

I always think that the neck is 90% of the instrument. All the other bits & pieces can be changed, if you are so inclined/motivated/bothered/bored.

I've also discovered that what constitutes a 'feels really good' neck can change over time.

I used to favour fairly chunky neck profiles, but having lived with a scrawny-necked Ibanez for some years now (out of necessity), I now often find others to be too chunky.

I had a play with a Gretsch recently and the neck felt like a power pole, which disappointed me because I so wanted to like the guitar.
It was the Ibanez that done it for me as well.
I ended up playing my 1984 Roadstar RS1000 from when I bought it 2nd hand in '89 for £200 right up until I took it apart to revamp at 1 month sober in 2013.

Lesson learned. Never trust a thought at 1 month sober, the brain is scrambled.
My initial intention was to change the strings but went too far and the guitar still sits in a box, broken into its component parts.)

The thing is I hated that Ibanez. The look, the sound, the horrible Hard Rocker Pro trem.

But I loved playing it, the guitar felt great to play because of the neck. The neck and my left hand were made for each other.
I played it more than any other, more expensive guitar I owned.
A close second was my Yamaha 1984 Acoustic which I still play every day but it's now falling apart and sounds awful.

Yes, the playing is definitely in the neck for me.

I haven't realised that up until now and I've been playing for 45+ years.

I've arrived at the decision to hang onto the Tele just now and have given it a major revamp over the last month, which I'll post with photos in the next day or two.

The reason behind this was after a long chat with my good friend who has forgotten more about guitars than I'll ever know.
He's a tech/luthier (currently on tour with Placebo) but opened a build/repair shop during the lockdown because he's getting to that age where touring for 45 weeks per year for 25+ years isn't conducive to good health.

We both had the same Ibanez when we were in a band together in the 80s/90s so he knows the neck profile well.

When his tour finishes in early 2023, he's going to help me build exactly what I want.
I'll also have completed a few months at night school (luthier college in Glasgow) by then.
The result is that I've totally rebuilt my 72 Custom mainly as a practice build (of sorts).
I've turned the last screw on it last night and realised I had no strings, so when the strings arrive tomorrow, I'll string it up and set up the intonation etc over the weekend.

Once the new build is done, I'll either keep the 72 Custom as a 2nd guitar or pass it on to my nephew, who's been playing my old Squier Bullet 1 (another 1984 guitar) since I gave it to him 5 years ago.

Next up is the Ibanez, even if it's just to feel that neck in my left hand again.


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Jun 28, 2019
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Throw away your turd polish and get one of these:
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Schecter PT Special.
Single coil bridge, P90 neck (tasty!)
Swamp ash body
Tummy and forearm cuts
Bound neck and body
Tusq nut
(Yeah, it comes in other colors as well)
Neck is not as fat as the one you have and dislike.

$699 brand spankin' new every day.
oh no I don't need another guitar no, no , no I really really don't .... need ... this guitar,,,, honest I don't😭


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Oct 21, 2019
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It came as a sense of relief last night after dismantling my guitar yesterday to give it good clean, service, set up and order new parts, that I realise I'm polishing a turd.

They only thing I like about my current Telecaster is that I saved hard and bought it when I was a year sober, other than that, I don't like it and have been looking up and buying parts to mitigate my dislike for this guitar.

It's a 72 Custom Reissue (MIM), in black. I've added a Bigsby B5 with the Callaham upgrades and Chet bar; a Duncan bridge pickup; Schaller Da Vinci tuners; a Graphtec nut and I have an array of pots, knobs and a rotary switch sitting in a box waiting to be installed.
It's had umpteen full set ups in the 9 years since I bought it.

What I dislike about it is:
1. The fat neck; I like the 7.25" radius and rosewood board but I prefer slim/skinny necks like my old Ibanez 1984 Roadstar or my MIJ Tele (sold in 2005 to pay for a weed bill).
2. The unbound body. I prefer a double bound. I'm a klutz, the double bound bodies I've had gave more protection from the inevitable bumps.
3. It's black. Black is for clothes IMHO.
4. The 4 pot layout and position, however I like the switch position.
5. The stock WRHB pickup. It sounds awful even though I mainly play in the middle position.
6. I hate the pickguard shape too. Aesthetically it irritates me.

It's never lived up to the MIJ I had, the ESP Tele from the early 90s nor even my friend's Jimmy Moon Tele that I looked after for 18 months when he was on tour.

There isn't anything off the shelf that I can see that meets my spec, so it looks like I'll be sourcing parts over the next few months. From the parts, I'll either get my friend to build it when he's back from tour (currently tech-ing for Placebo) or get another luthier/tech of which there are plenty in Glasgow.

My current Tele, "Cecilia" (all my guitars are called Cecilia after the patron saint of music, my sister, my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother) is now resigned to being a stopgap guitar until I get the guitar that I'm looking for. Probably in early 2023.

Life is too short for turd polishing.
That is true, but good news...there are LOTS of Teles out there so maybe you can find one that checks all the boxes for you