The Choices on Offer, What's it Gonna' be


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Jun 28, 2019
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The example is just a jar to hold the concept of where this is going, O.K.

I'm using Relicing and the vehicle .
It could be furniture or antiquated ceramic doll heads,
but we don't do porcelain Doll heads here ,
So I'll use Telecasters.
This is just a personal perspective.
We don't have to play I'm right therefore you're wrong,
How about I like beef steaks and you , like chicken,
George and Leo are vegans, with Bar-B-Que sauce, no cheese.

Back to teles and reliquing.
Brand new Right off the assemble line down in Ensenada.
a nice polished shining finish, no dings, scratches or discolored hardware,
Beat up cigarette' burns on the head stock, chipped paint warn through from your elbows been rubbing against
the body rubbing against the body
except this just came out of the custom shop down Corona way.
The illusion of a well traveled instrument after years of small club ,bar rooms and practice session,
this ads to my mystique of being, of being the well traveled, tails to tell player that's seen a lot ,with stories to tell.
Jimmy Vaughn walks out on stage pressed well cut suit, shirt and tie polished cream colored strat that immaculate spotless. He plays and he tells a real story, he's telling Jimmies story, and the music moves us.
Art. from the Artist that really can play it all, no front no pretense no worn out boots ripped up jeans and a
threadbare T-shirt. Jimmy is serving an authentic meal , with real home cooking and a linen napkin.

Art or Artifice? Public Image manufactured in a Public Relations board room.

Home Cooking or fast food Micky-D from the fast food lane inna plastic bag and styrofoam container
What am I choosing today . what am I deciding that I want for myself today Art or Artifice.
Authenticity or some cheap front looking good public image.
I don't have time to sculpt and polish my look good. I don't have that much time left even if I live a thousand year ,I don't have time for that. I don't want that
And yes in order to get a Bogner preamp I'll have Cup of noodles 4 times a week, I'll pass on the new pair of birkenstocks again this month so that I can buy a piece of gear that means something to me because it's a tool that I can really use and appreciate and no one is ever going to know about because I just use it at home doing what I like, pursuing something that feels real, whether I get there or not, it's me failing authentically ,and there's no fail in the equation, as I pursue creating that which resonates inside of me.
Today I get to choose what it is that is important to me .
Art or Artifice.
Here's a left field random select thought
Have you ever worked with a sociopath , known one, hung out with a real sociopath?
I have and from the first time that I met him something I that I felt in his presence felt o...?,
something was missing? yeah, all of it, he was always running his game , manipulating estimating how to manipulate the person or persons he was playing , the con was always on with him, there was no body home.
He could rip you off and try to convince you he had done you a favor because you see this is what happened I didn't rip you off no , it was me that got burned you see....... any way I'm just trippin' ,
I hope you have a good day. Oh and that rain that we were supposed to get today, not a cloud in the sky.

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Jul 25, 2011
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Cher colleague, I can’t waste too much of my tiny brain space on the choices of others - it’s enough to grapple with my own impoverished inclinations. I do, however, take some comfort in the words of Ali Akbar Khan, who played under the same moon and sun as you & I: