Testing OD pedals, guitars, amps....


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Jun 2, 2003
I just thought I would throw this out there:
Over the years I have tried dozens of OD pedals. (literally.... I have to satisfy my curiosity)
I am not a high gain user and have rejected many pedals after 10 minutes of playing, reselling them fast. The Fuzz Face and the Big Muff etc were in this category for me..... WAY too much gain/OD even set to near 0 gain.
Recently I bought an OCD (again) because it was a good price. Same situation... too much gain.... too nasty. But for kicks I put it on the board and went to a gig.
Now you would think at high volume and in a band mix that a pedal that is too gainy would only be worse. But what actually happened was it sounded LESS overdriven and more articulate in the mix! Go figure. I'm actually loving this OCD now and probably would have loved some other pedals I rejected in the past. I still love my low gain OD's too... I'm just saying I have this higher gain option that I actually like also.

The moral to this story is, you gotta try things how you actually use them!
This is true for guitars and for amps too.
-I have loved some amps in the music room and then take my new toy to a gig and it's terrible!
-Another example is I coveted having a vintage Epiphone Emperor jazzbox for a long time. Finally got a beauty! Loved it sitting in a chair at home, took it to a Duo gig and could hardly play it very long... it's a HUGE guitar, 17" bout, thick, 25.5" scale etc. Very tiring to play for 3 hours!
Just sayin'.....

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