Testing Bandmaster with one speaker

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    Start a various, this Showman came to me in a a home built 2x0 cab, and I realized that it would slip right into an empty Pro Sonic cab I bought. Voila! If he wants the Bandmaster cab, then the Bandmaster chassis Inhave will go into the Pro Sonic cab. If the Bandmaster chassis had not been much abused I old no sell the head cab...even though the cab and chassis are not original to each other. Someone actually gutted a BF Bandmaster chassis and built a solid state amp in it. They hogged out crude holes which I had to have repaired. My friend did a fantastic job of re-establishing the chassis metal and sockets.
    As for the Showman/Dual Showman thing, at that time there was no ‘Dual’ applied to the front panel. The OT model number tells one what one has. This one is a Dual Showman with the 4 ohm OT.
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    you dont need to replace the transformer. Look up Steve Kimocks posts on thegearpage regarding impedence mismatches. A bandmaster on an 8 ohm load is a go-to set up for him
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    as far as cabs, I had my Celestion V30 in a Hughes & Kettner 1x12 closed back cabinet for the longest time and only last year took the grill cloth off to notice that the baffle had a port in it

    would I be imagining things to imagine this ported cabinet gets a similar effect to a cab with a tone ring? isn't a tone ring basically a port *around* the speaker's circumference?
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