Terrible Dilemma - Carr vs. Carr

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by Rick-kcmo, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Aug 2, 2012
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    I'm joking. I "rebought" an amp I used to own, same model, not same amp. A Carr Rambler with the original Kingpin driver. I like it and the current Elsinore, less crazy about the Eminence Wizard they used for a while. At any rate, it reminded me of what I loved. Warm, class A, full bass, lacking just a little in bass articulation. But... I brought home a Carr Skylark. Wow! Two entirely different sounds. 12W vs 28W but that's actually only a little over 3 db difference in output, assuming same sensitivity drivers. But what a different sound. This may sound strange but kind of like a really good 335 with a low wind PAF (Rambler) vs a Tele. Problem is I love both - guitars and the amps.

    I'm working on a build with a Tele style body routed for humbuckers, two Fralin Big Singles, a Mastery bridge with cutouts for a Bigsby and a Bigsby, of course. Maybe that will help me decide. If not, technically I could keep both and they certainly don't sound the same. Losing my vision but my ears are good!
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    Feb 15, 2017
    ..These are real fine amps, I have the Wizard in my 1x12 and like it a lot.
  3. Chester Burnett

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    The Rambler is designed to be a clean amp and the Skylark is all about the breakup. If you are playing low volume cleans you'll have to just compare the two and go from there. Both great cleans but different. The bigger differences should be apparent once you goose the volume a bit. Humbuckers will push the Skylark into breakup pretty early. The Rambler will hold together longer.

    There's the old wisdom that it's a lot easier to dirty up a clean amp than it is to clean up a dirty one. The Rambler with a pedal for dirt is a beautiful thing. A guy could be perfectly happy with no pedals and a Skylark and still get great breakup tones. I wouldn't recommend it for clean tones with humbuckers though unless it's pretty low volume. If you need clean tones and play with a drummer go with the Rambler.

    In a perfect world I'd keep both and run them in stereo, with the Rambler for cleans and the Skylark for leads:)
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    Jimmy, hand down!

    Oh wait... was I supposed to read the text and not just the title?
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    Send them to me and I'll send the one back that will work for you.
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  6. porterburst

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    I've played both amps times, and now have owned my Skylark for over a year now.

    There's no amp on the mark that sounds or feels like a Skylark. Yes, the Skylark does overdrive well, but it also does slight breakup, and snappy clean-ish funk time tones.

    Both are great, but the Skylark just did it for me.

    Here's a perfect demo of both amps side by side.

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