Telecaster mini humbucker neck pickup.


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Jun 22, 2021
Hello everyone!

I kindly ask you which of the following neck pickups, in your opinion, is best suited to the S.Duncan Hot Stack I use in the bridge position on my Tele:
1) S.Duncan SM1N "Vintage mini humbucker".
2) S.Duncan SM2N "Custom mini humbucker".
3) S.Duncan SM3N "Seymourized mini humbucker".

I am trying to formulate a set with an effective, pronounced and definite response, but at the same time not compromised by the negatively low (and maybe mid-low) affecting the Tele tone. BTW... I honestly thought about SM1B mounted in neck position (SM1 output for bridge position is higher than SM1 output for neck position, to compensate for the Hot Stack OP).
In all honesty I would have liked to have considered SM2 (or SM3) for Coil Split / Coil Tap option... but maybe I would just risk complicating the situation.

Thank you very much! ;-)

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