Telecaster 62 CIJ Bridge Swap


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Jul 27, 2008
First and foremost Id like to thank the members of TDPRI
on helping me out on many topics and dilemmas and for
generally being a well spoken and well mannered bunch,
it is not something you see often on the internet nowadays.
Have been reading the forum for a long time but think this
is my first real post.

Recently decided to swap my bridge assembly as it was one of
the last parts of the guitar that was not modified. Over the years
I’ve changed the pickups (several times), wiring, pots, control plate,
pickguard, jack…you get the drift.
Since the Fender three piece brass set was also installed long time ago
there was no hurry to change the bridge itself but the question
remained, could this be something that would make the guitar
better in any way.

Long story short (too late for that probably) after seeing that
one could buy a whole USA bridge assembly for a Telecaster 62
including the bridge pickup and saddles for a very good price
I decided to give it a go.

First of all there seems to be a difference in the material but
came to know that these differences can yield changes but not
always for the better. Second thing, on installation I saw that
the screws on the original bridge were shorter by several
millimetres. So, even though I was doubtful there would be too much change,
to my surprise the guitar very much came alive after the installation.
Sustain was improved, so was the balance and the guitar seemed to resonate better.
Not sure if this is due to the material or the longer screws made better contact
with the body but you could feel it and hear it!

Highly recommended if you have not changed the bridge on your CIJ guitar
and have any interest in tweaking it in the pursuit of making it better.
Bonus is you get a great 62 bridge pickup in the set, I left it in place to try it out
and was really pleased with how it sounds, very clear and punchy, a bit rougher
than my SD Antiquity but can work the tone control to tame it,
will be going back and forth to determine which one will stay.

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