Tele Pro II coming - question about current neck finish and fret sprout


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Dec 28, 2011
Upper Peninsula
Hi all - I've finally got a new Tele Pro II coming (maple neck), and was thinking about the common problem of fret sprout. We have big climate swings here, and it's sometimes difficult to always keep things correctly humidified (although I generally can keep up with it).

I'm familiar with the tools/techniques for removing sprouted fret ends, finishing up the fret ends (angle, rounding, etc.). What I'd like to know is how these "super-natural" satin necks are now finished, so that if I do remove just a touch of the finish during the job, it can be easily remedied? Does the satin urethane finish lend itself to some careful micromesh passes, followed by a super-thin satin urethane wipe of the fretboard edge?

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Mar 17, 2003
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I just saw this as a suggested thread under another post. It's 5 weeks old, but hopefully this will still be helpful...

So, in general, I've never had good luck matching the luster of a satin finish with micromesh or any other abrasive. Sometimes I can get close, but when we're talking about reflectivity, "close" isn't really close.

But... on the side of a neck is a curved surface, so you will very rarely see the part that you sanded next to the part that's untouched, and you can feather your sanding so it overlaps. I think it will look fine.