Tele neck pickup tone and Julian Lage?

Discussion in 'Just Pickups' started by fivewattworld, Feb 14, 2020 at 6:57 PM.

  1. fivewattworld

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    Dec 16, 2018
    Mountains of NH
    I recently came across this video by Zac Childs, (who's written a column in Vintage Guitar for years) where he's talking about the Ron Ellis neck pickup that Julian Lage uses (used?). It made me start looking for the language I'd use to describe my favorite Tele neck pickup tone? And certainly Lage's amazing tone is right up there.

    So how would you all describe what Lage is getting? Clarity with warmth? Definition with low output (not pushing the amp as hard)?

    What say ye? I've tucked the vid here to help fuel the conversation.

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