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Tele for recording

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by kokoshmusun, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. kokoshmusun

    kokoshmusun Tele-Meister

    Apr 15, 2012
    Hello all,

    I love Tele but I'm stuck with a Strat currently (a very nice Godin Session). I want to get a Tele now but I have some questions (go to the bold sections for a shorter version):

    1) I'm gonna use it exclusively for recording. I am not so distinctive about tone; I can live with all sorts of p/ups (but just for info, my fav p/up so far was the GFS Mean90s I installed on a Squier Tele that I later sold). But I do care about hum and other sorts of unwanted noise. My Godin Strat has two single coils in the neck and middle and the hum is cancelled when both are engaged. In most standard Teles with two single coils, will the middle p/up position also cancel hum? If this is the case, I can get a regular Tele with two single coils.

    2) If not, I have to get a Tele with at least one humbucker. I dislike the thin and trebly sound of my Godin's bridge humbucker. I haven't had many guitars but I assume I just generally dislike bridge p/ups. (that is, it's probably not so much the particular Godin p/up but its position which is the problem). So, I'd like to get a Tele with a humbucker in the neck. Disregarding the bridge p/up, what are some commonly available cheap Teles with humbuckers in the neck?

    I'm looking at SXs but there's no humbucker in any. Stagg has a nice new model with a neck humbucker but they'll be available earliest this Fall where I live. The others I can think of (Schecter PT, FGN Iliad, Godin) are more expensive and I'd like to stay at the lower budget level because I'm not a guitar player who deserves expensive guitars (I mostly record regular chords etc, I can't pull of much else; btw, I'm looking for some online guitar lessons to change this).

    Also, I have no idea about what neck/fretboard specs I'll be comfy with. I'll just have to try and see. My Godin Session is comfy enough though I feel like I can play barre chords better if the fretboard was curved.

    If I can't get any help, I'm just gonna buy the SX STL-50 BSB and see what happens.

    Thanks and stay safe!
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