Tele Deluxe build-so far, so good

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    Thanks to the good members here I downloaded the wiring diagram, and have just completed my first pickguard wire-up. 500K pots, .22 caps, and two MIM Fender bridge WRHB's. (they were out of neck pickups) I used an aftermarket pickguard; that needed a bit of filing for the pups to fit, but other than that, no problems. I plugged it in and set it up over the strings on my Tele Standard to check the operation, and all's good. The pups sound remarkably different from each other in spite of being exactly the same. Hard to tell exactly how the tone will pan out, but what I can hear doesn't sound bad. All the parts came from The neck is a Fender-licensed 70's 22 fret Mighty Mite from Aamps. I had bought original-style Wilkerson tuners for it, but with the large holes, I ended up using Fender's die-cast tuners. Now I'm waiting for B.Hefner to build my body. I should have it by early February, I hope.

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