Tele Bridge Plate Placement for a Newbie

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by StuartJames, Sep 12, 2018.

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    I want to place a new bridge and drill string through holes on my Tele. I got the string through mod under control but I have little knowledge of how to place the bridge correctly. Obviously I want to get this right the first time. So I'm looking for your best tips on how to measure up for the bridge plate.

    I'm guessing my Tele is an old Squier affinity because it currently has a top loading bridge. It has a chunky neck and seems to have a standard thickness body. The serial no has been removed. I paid very little for this guitar but I really like the feel of it ...hence the mods

    I am putting a new fender/Squier standard bridge on it which is very similar to the old top loading bridge , but it is about 3 mm longer.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated
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    I know it will sound unfair, that the long time members here have had their wonderful adventures of installing through load bridges to existing top load guitars. And we have historically done a lot of this and most of us who have tried this had fun, messing around with the guitar. But honestly, in the long haul, the modded guitars never felt, never played and never sounded better just because they were converted. And what happens to these Squier bodies with their hard shell Poly finishes is, when we try to drill them through, the finish likes to shatter or fail, no matter how sharp that bit is. Also, at least one of the through holes will be out of alignment and this looks disgusting.

    Guitarbuilder shows what to do with a raw wood body. That's so much easier to get right.

    I suggest you find a 3 barrel "half bridge" with 6 additional holes for top loading and skootch it down the body a little more than a 1/4 inch, and mount it there. And mount the bridge pickup directly to the body underneath, taking care with the length of your fasteners.

    I move the half bridge down the body, because it puts the bridge in a spot that feels better under hand, but more importantly because there's wire holding the ball end on each guitar string and that bundle of wire must be kept away from the break point on the saddle - otherwise it could prevent proper intonation and/or chafe up your hand as you play.
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