TDPRI'ers who sell online...what is this scam?

Charlie Bernstein

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Apr 26, 2003
Augusta, Maine
If it's an out of the area call, it's probably a scam. I've had calls as from far away as Maine on "items" fifteen minutes after putting an ad up, that clearly stated, "local only, cash only." All of them had one thing in common, they were trying to scam me.
Yup. And it's a scam if the call is local.


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Mar 21, 2015
I agree about cash only.....but even that is no guarantee of legitimacy. A few years ago, a ring of thieves around here were buying Harleys with counterfeit money. They were long gone before people caught on. :(
Wasn't $15,000 in hundred dollar bills, all with the same serial number, a bit of a give-away?


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Nov 27, 2019
Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire
Any fishy situations like that, say NO!! Just total BS! The checks in the mail, oh yeah!
In person, CASH and at a well lit public location like the PD parking lot, a local gas plaza with plenty of camera's around and people.
Some situations seem odd but can work out. I had a like new Fender for sale on E-Bay. A guy from Brazil wanted it. I said I'm not shipping outside the U.S.A. He says my parents live in Florida in some town and he wanted it shipped there! I refused citing that the address on his FB account wasn't his parents Florida address. So he updated it which made it legitimate per FB rules and protected me from any issues being shipped to the location HE established on his profile. He also wanted me to lower the posted price to circumvent the import duties he'd have to pay to get it into South America but he'd pay me directly (somehow?) the agreed up amount. Again I said no but then he payed it as agreed up and per the listing. Some try all kinds of things and you got to make sure you protect yourself. The deal went thru and he later sent a message saying how much he loved the guitar. Sometimes you don't know but at least this one worked out ok. I still use PayPal with seller/buyer protection and it avoids any alternate payment types like Zelle, etc. It gets way too complicated at times and you have to stay vigilant!
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