TC Electronics Plethora X5

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by littlebadboy, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. littlebadboy

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    Jun 25, 2016
    Midwest, USA
    If you are a fan of TC Electronics Tone Print library, they came up with a pedal with 5 switches that you can assign to a Tone Print each plus more!

    From TC Electronics
    • Highly-flexible TonePrint pedal board with simple, intuitive controls
    • Create and customize up to 127 custom boards with any combination of TonePrint pedals
    • Populate each BOARD with up to 5 pedals including all TonePrint FX
    • Store up to 75 TonePrints per FX for fast and easy recall
    • FX include Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb, Flashback 2 Delay, Sub n Up Octaver, Brainwaves Pitch Shifter, Corona Chorus, Hypergravity Compressor, Mimiq Doubler, Vortex Flanger, Pipeline Tap Tremolo, Quintessence Harmony, Sentry Noise Gate, Shaker Vibrato
    • Customizable FX signal chain on each board
    • MASH technology turns all 5 footswitches into expression controllers with customizable mapping
    • Added MASH functionality to all legacy Toneprint Pedals
    • FX loop insert with customizable routing to integrate external pedals or connect to your amp using 4-cable method
    • Includes built-in UniTune chromatic tuner
    • Global speaker cab-sim for direct play with audio interface and PA systems
    • Bluetooth connection to the free TonePrint App to import tones from our vast library of TonePrints
    • Use the free TonePrint App editor to access hundreds of effects parameters and design custom TonePrints
    • Organize boards quickly using the free TonePrint App
    • EXP input – assign an external expression pedal to control FX parameters or use as a volume pedal anywhere in the signal chain
    • Optional Tap Tempo for tim1X
    • Simple 3 knob control over each pedal for fast FX tweaking
    • ‘Quick Swap’ feature to instantly reorganize your signal chain
    • Automatically saves your settings as you go
    • MIDI IN for selecting boards from external devices
    • Full stereo I/O with low noise and high levels of headroom
    • Regular firmware updates to include new boards, new pedals, new TonePrints and some top secret exclusive stuff
  2. 4pickupguy

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    May 12, 2013
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    What a powerful device to have on a board. Getting one!

    Looks like it will sell in the $399 area. Good value if it delivers.
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  3. Iago

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    Sep 18, 2006
    I was checking out the demos and agree it's a friggin' great product.
  4. telel6s

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    Jun 25, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    Nice. Not surprised they finally came out with this when you look at what TonePrint can do as well as the Reverb and Delay x4 pedals. The Insert for other pedals that can be configured anyplace in the line is nice, too, so you can put your own dirt pedals after comp, univibe, phase, what-have-you. Similarly, it sounds like you can configure an expression pedal to act as a volume pedal at any point in the line. And for those that use an amp's FX loop, you could have some of the TC's effects into the amp's main input but then route, for example, reverb & trem in the loop.

    I've tried a few multi-effects pedals over the years and never really bonded with using them beyond futzing around in the living room (although I've only stayed on the value-end of the price spectrum for them). I most recently bought and returned an $80 Zoom G1X due to noise issues. But beyond that, I found configuring each effect to work together took more work than necessary and and the tweaking settings in a live situation was a real hassle. (just my opinion; I know that others really like the G1 and other Zoom pedals). Based on the video, the TC looks to work more like just five separate pedals that happen to be all in one enclosure.
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