TC Electronic’s pedals the Mimiq Doubler

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    The Mimiq Doubler is essentially a real-time digital double-tracking emulator that’s able to add one, two, or three ‘cloned’ parts to the original dry signal, but with each part varying slightly in tuning, timing and attack, with the aim of closely recreating the sound of a genuinely overdubbed performance. Apparently, the designers introduced a dynamic element into the pitch detuning and timing, to make the effect more realistic than the usual ‘fixed delay and fixed detune’ approach — although naturally, TC won’t reveal precise details of their recipe!

    The pedal, which features true bypass and an ‘effect active’ LED, runs from a standard 9V battery or optional Boss-compatible PSU adaptor. As current consumption is around 100mA, though, PSU use is recommended.
    The Mimiq’s control system is extremely simple with a switch that lets you select how many synthetic ‘overdubs’ to add. Used in stereo into two amps, the added voices are spread across the stereo field for an impressively wide sound. Position 1 puts the dry guitar on one side and the doubled guitar on the other. In position 2 the dry guitar goes in the middle with a different doubled voice either side. Position 3 puts two doubled voices on one side and the dry plus the third doubled voice on the other. In mono-output mode, the dry and effected signal are summed according to the level control
    I own it , I use it, I like it. I admit had issues really hearing some of the subtler effects of this pedal, I am fond of using it with and E-bow

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    Just ordered the mini from Andertons. They have them on sale for $35 shipped to my door. I’d rather have the full model but $35!
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