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Taming 5E7 (head) clone with

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by DrB, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. DrB

    DrB Tele-Meister

    Jan 31, 2004
    Hi all,

    I want to share my experience concerning a recently finished 5E7 clone, a head, with Classic Tone OT 40-180888 and 2 new Tung Sol 5881's (love them) and a Sylvania 5751 in v1 and Jan Phillips 5751 and 12AT7 in v2 and v3, respectively.



    Love the results, but the amp turned out to be a bit too loud. The plate voltage is like 380V and am feeding the more hungry 5881 a current of 44mA. So it should be a bit more than 30W.

    The tone is great. So I started thinking about ways to tame this beast. In our rehearsals, I am using a Marshall 1960 in stereo (so 8Ohm) and the 8Ohm out of the amp. Sure, finding a smaller cab might do the trick. That said, I was looking for an easier solution. That is why I have started thinking about L-Pad attenuators which I am using at home. However, that became a bit tricky as this amp does not like high values of them resistors at all. Dr.Z. Brake Lite values (if I am not mistaken it should be 25Ohm parallel and 50 (or was it 25?) Ohm series) result in some nonmusical distortion, I think due to OT saturation. My Marshalls and clones are ok with those levels but this amp somehow did not like it. What I am talking about starts at high vols and especially with the neck position (Heritage's fake ES335 ... I don't remember the number Heritage assigns to them whatever) which has a Seth Lover HB. It is like a tremolo and hard to miss.

    So the L-Pad attenuator, I decided, had to be subtle.

    That is why in order to lower the wattage to sorta 15-20W levels I made myself 2 attenuators, both with 100W resistors. The first with a 22Ohm parallel and 4.7Ohm series L-Pad. The second, with 33Ohm parallel and 2.2Ohm series. Both of them deliver some combined ohmage like 8 Ohm when hooked to a 8Ohm speaker.


    These are standard L-pads and the "layout" for those of you who have problems with schematics is:


    We had a rehearsal yesterday and it was ideal for giving them L-pads a try.

    The L-pad I've done with 22Ohm parallel and 4.7Ohm series was a just a bit more effective than the one with 33Ohm parallel and 2.2Ohm series. But with the 22, that OT saturation I have talked about (not the musical one) was getting started at high vols with the neck position (with a Seth Lover HB). It is like a very mild tremolo very subtle but still there. It starts when I hit the string and lasts like 2 3 second before vanishing. With 33, the vol is a bit higher, but that OT saturation thing is not there.

    Anyways, 33 seemed to be the better one and the vol drop is quite noticeable and useable. The tonal differences are not that much, and I had to try to listen to it in order to hear whether or not it's there. It is. Still now it is useable.

    For whatever it's worth, here is how it sounds... (with a Seth Lover HB in the bridge)

    Hope these helps somebody.

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  2. charlie chitlin

    charlie chitlin Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Mar 17, 2003
    Is this what y'all do in Turkey?
    You guys are tearing it up!!!
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