'Talking Heads' Hall of Fame Presentation Oddities - 2002


Sep 14, 2021
As always, going down rabbit holes online lands me in interesting places.

I was reading up on Taylor Hawkins the other day and saw he had played Iggy Pop in the 'CBGB' movie. So I read a bit on the movie and saw when the Talking Heads were inducted into the R&RHOF they asked the 'CBGB' owner back in the day, Hilly Kristal, to come up on stage.

What followed for me were some very odd scenes to watch. I'll give my brief takes but note it was just my first pass for the most part so maybe I read some things wrong.


Anthony Keidis' intro. Yeah, not one to keep on file.
1:24 His 'period' mention

6:41 - Tina Weymouth kicking off her spiel. Pretty rambling and a bit sad when she mentions buying their music, given they hadn't played in 10 years and this was now 20 years ago. I get it. Music doesn't pay most musicians forever. Just while you're popular.

7:08 - Hilly Kristal's odd move across stage as Byrne stiffly shook his hand, and Harrison crossed his arms and ignored him. Some bad blood there maybe, and I couldn't tell if some of Tina's comments weren't jabs at him and he was brought up as a mockery? Probably not, as Harrison's reaction is the only clear one in a group of oddballs.

13:30 - Chris Frantz just seems like a guy who is always happy and smiling. Well done.

13:56 - Jerry Harrison's speech was brief and classy. How they should all be done. Very admirable.

14:52 - So Byrne is self-diagnosed on the autistic spectrum? Yeah, I believe you buddy.

SECOND VIDEO - A very rough 'All-Star Jam' take on 'Take Me to the River'

Were they trying to mix the Al Green version with the Talking Heads version and it just wasn't working. Maybe there was no practice?

4:44 - Poor Paul Shaffer frantically trying to bring it together and get organized. I was laughing as I watched this part multiple times.

I will say, the other songs the Heads played that night were very tasteful and well done. A very mature, tight and practiced version of them.

-Psycho Killer
-Life During Wartime
-Burning Down the House (a little less smooth. Harder song to pull off)