Talk me down! (Princeton GAS) ......again......

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    I have no fear of circuit boards and in many applications they are great... cell phones, flat screen TV's and computers to name a few.

    I am also able to recognize when the PCB are poor quality and under engineered for the application they are in like many used in guitar amps. They are prone to cracked and poor solder connections and burnt and too thin lifted traces in wave soldered cheap production boards that lack solder point reinforcement. The higher voltage and vibration that guitar amps are subjected to need a much higher quality printed circuit board than what is used in the Blues Jr, all the "Hot Rod" and "Blues" series amps and all of these have many common problems from the economy boards and wave soldering used in their production. It is poor quality stuff inside an amp that looks like one that built it's reputation on being well made.

    I owned a Super Reverb Reissue and a Deluxe Reverb Reissue and although neither failed on me I sold both of them because I also owned the same amps in earlier eyelet board construction and the older amps simply sounded better when I compared the reissues side by side with a 1965 and 1966 Super Reverb and a 1972 Deluxe Reverb. I have 3 Princeton Reverb amps (ya, I really need to sell one), I gig with a 74, my backup is a 75 and I have a 79-80 and I bought all three for a little more than one reissue PR and I serviced them myself. They all sound great and I would put any one of them up against a reissue in a sound comparison.

    Many of the people that I know of that owned Blues Jr amps have had issues with circuit board traces, bad solder joints and issues with the reverb. Some have been repaired more than once for different issues. I don't like the sound of the Blues Jr compared to other amps, my preference.

    I think the PRRI could be a good amp for someone that is not concerned with long term use and repair. If it has a good speaker and is broken in and the amp is biased correctly so it sounds good and the tremolo has room to wiggle. I just don't think it is as good of a value for the money spent that an older eyelet board amp is, again my preference.
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    No problems.

    And one person's bedroom amp is another's get kicked out of the apartment amp. I'm lucky enough that I rarely have to put my volume below 7 so am always into the good stuff. I don't know if a PR sounds much different at 2 or 3 (with the exception of on-board reverb) because I've never bothered to play on that low.

    If you're going to stick 6L6s in a Princeton you might was well just get a Boogie. ;):D:lol:
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