Talk about a JUXTAPOSITION omg - AM talk-radio crosstalk

billy logan

Sep 18, 2019
weatherford tx
Picture this timeless singing as the background music for a contentious 21st-century debate -

btw ^ this ^ isn't the exact song that came in on my radio behind the point and counterpoint opining, but close enough. The Voice of the Navajo Nation, from iirc Window Rock, Arizona, shares a frequency with a Dallas/Ft. Worth radio station.

idk. man. Hearing them overlapped* last night really put me in mind of "1st world problems" "trail of tears" - things like that. The accidental combination made the most gripping radio listening experience for me since ... idk.

*especially how the signal of the Arizona station, which has never come in before here in N. Texas, was ghostly weak, but unignorable
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