Taking half the song before getting to the chorus


Aug 24, 2006
Yeah, I suppose the initial question is do you folks who write your own stuff make a conscious effort to make the chorus the holder of the hook and get to it in a timely manner.
Sometimes, yes. Other times no. It is about purpose and intent. Sometimes the intention is to break rules. Other times it is to try and do something new within existing arrangement tropes. Other times the songs just come out finished. And sometimes the message or words are just simply more important than the arrangement.

I've written songs with 3 parts and all 3 could all be considered choruses/hook parts, and written others with 2 repeating verse parts. I can provide links to the songs if anyone wants to hear these attempts.

If something feels right I usually stay in that general space. I think once you start to shape your writing around what you think that other people think or want you start losing something important.