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    Dec 3, 2009
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    It'll all Work out in Boomland. UK prog from '70.

    I found this LP back in highschool days at a second hand record store, our saturday morning hang out.

    I was blown away.. by some of the first heavier guitar sounds I heard amid some rather delicate stuff.

    still am... :cool::D.

    I had forgotten about it for years and one day I had this smooth repetitive muzak kinda theme in my head which I couldn't pin down... the outtro of track 2 JLT.,,, which I eventually found again on this LP when I searched for another track No More White Horses on the tube.

    I've still got the LP but no record player, though I bought a japanese release CD a while back...

    I'd say it's one of my Fav records because I found it myself without ever hearing about it and love the music. It was a release from the 60's music of my childhood into a new decade.

    have a listen.:)

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    Jul 21, 2015
    Without a player, an LP has very limited uses ...... although I've seen some LP's made into pickguards.

    Quite a lot of experimental stuff coming out at that time ... reminded me of 'Mackenzie Theory' ... playing it now (haven't listened to it for ages) ... they don't sound similar after all.
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