Supro Statesman vs Hot Rod Deluxe


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Apr 11, 2014
Elverum, Norway
Ok, let’s talk amps. Thought I’d share, maybe it is of interest to somebody out there.

So, I’ve done some A-B testing with my two amps over a couple of years now. Both live, in the studio, and at rehearsals. I own a Supro Statesman 1x12 combo, and a second generation Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, which I put a Celestion Creamback in.

I play country and rock music, primarily with a Baja Tele, or an American Jaguar. My gain stages are the Origin Cali76 comp, a King of Tone, and a Sunface BC-183.

Conclusion: They are both great - but I like the Supro Statesman a little bit better. Why? Well, I think it boils down to that I Feel the mids are dialed in just right. You just have a single «Tone» control, where as the Hot Rod has a 3-band EQ. But at noon, it’s just right. Both with the Tele and the Jag. The creamback was a huge improvement to the HRD. But the Supro still beats it, right at the finish line, in my ears. It has a more pleasing sound. The HRD can have a tendency to be a little shrill - though the creamback helped a lot. The Supro is also way less noisy. Volume-wise they feel in the same ball park. The Supro sounds a little bit fuller, more ballsy, more, dare I say 3D, in a way. But the reverb in the Hot Rod Deluxe is WAY better than the one in the Supro.

I’m keeping them both.

Anybody else with similar experiences?


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Sep 2, 2016
Good call. You can never have too many amps. They are such an important part of the sound of electric guitar.

I like playing amps as much as guitars. Most are fairly unique. Possibly even unique (soundwise) than guitars.