Suhr classic Pro T tele style guitar


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May 15, 2018
fareham UK
New to me is this 2017 Suhr classic Pro T guitar.
Thought I would share some opinions on it.
I had read all the normal reviews but I knew I could never afford one brand new.
I went looking for a new fender Pro 2 Telecaster, but to be honest, after 3 attempts at getting one that did not have quality control issues I gave up. I know it was just bad luck.
Purchased the Suhr used and untried which really worried me.
The neck is an even medium C which for me is nice. slightly more narrow than the Pro2 at 42mm, but a little more full in the hand which makes up for it.
The body is Alder, and the neck quarter sawn maple and rosewood.
The standard classic T pickup set pretty much covers everything, but I can hear the difference in the Alder body to the Ash that I have on my Pro 1.
To the main observation- The quality of the neck is outstanding. it is so much easier to play that I feel stupid saying it without sounding like a Diva.
Never had stainless steel frets before or a compound radius neck, so do not know if its that, or is it just the build quality coming through.
As others have said, it looks like a Tele, but if feels different in a away I again cannot really explain.
Everything about the quality from the nut, Knobs, and wood is next level. I can see why they are more expensive.
if you are thinking about getting one then I can only say that mine is excellent.

hope this helps.

Marc Morfei

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Feb 6, 2018
Wilmington, DE
I bought that same guitar used last year for a pretty good price, from some guy on CL. I never imagined I would own a guitar like that, or spend that much money. But I figured I'd check it out, what the heck. After holding it for about 5 seconds I knew I would buy it. Hard to explain why. It just felt so... I dunno, solid. Plays and sounds fantastic. Honestly it is too good for me, and I feel almost guilty owning it.