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Strymon Flint

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by ndcaster, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. kdsmith

    kdsmith TDPRI Member

    Oct 7, 2016
    I love my Flint. The
    I'd never noticed it but your question made me go and check. It seems to me that the effect is engaged on release of the switch, so it does at first seem to be an instant delayed (if you're expecting it to engage when stepped on).
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  2. ndcaster

    ndcaster Poster Extraordinaire

    Nov 14, 2013
    So I've been playing through this Flint thing and find it excellent all around. The trem switch delay to me is insignificant as long as you don't hold down the switch with your foot, and I can't imagine why you'd do that anyway.

    As others have said, the plate reverb is incredible. I don't use hall. The spring is excellent. All the trems are great, the tube trem in particular. I put this thing in front of a Quilter Microblock 45 that feeds a 1x12 with an Emi Alessandro. Dead quiet.

    I hope to post some video as soon as I figure out a good time when I can crank everything. In the meantime, this is just a quick note to say the Flint basically opened my little rig to a million back-catalog tunes.

    Can't wait to gig it.
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  3. johnhe

    johnhe Tele-Meister

    Mar 30, 2006
    Belfast, UK
    I’ve been using a Flint for about 1.5 years now and I’ve never noticed any delay on the trem footswitch. I’m not saying it isn’t there, but I’ve never noticed it at all.
  4. buckwalder

    buckwalder Tele-Meister

    Jun 25, 2014
    I just bought mine today, a local store here stocks strymon pedals.
    I own a mint 1960 concert and this pedals may convince me to put the concert into retirement.

    Outstanding pedal !!!
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