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Strap Peg Placement on a G&L ASAT Classic

Discussion in 'Other T-Types and Partscasters' started by gitapik, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. gitapik

    gitapik Tele-Afflicted Gold Supporter

    Jan 16, 2010
    New York City
    I'm not in the "ASAT Classic is better than Tele" camp. They're different guitars, ime.

    But I r-e-a-l-l-y dig my ASAT Classic (vintage white to the left, here). It's a great ax!

    Problem is that I don't like the neck angle when standing with a strap. Too parallel to the ground for my taste. This has become an issue because, since I tore my labrum, I'm much more comfortable playing standing than sitting down. The right shoulder is more relaxed that way.

    I was considering selling the guitar, it got so bad. Which is a big deal, considering how much I like it.

    Then my tech took one of the screws out of the neck backplate and replaced it with the peg that was in the standard place of the body.

    It's PERFECT, now! Even better than my other guitars. I got another peg from G&L and put it where the old one was, originally...so it looks "normal". And I'm playing it a lot, now.

    Good stuff. Great solution. Tech told me I might need to adjust the neck, occasionally (nothing big)...but it's a no brainer tradeoff for me.
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