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Stomp Box Fun... Does it End?

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by Tele-beeb, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. arlum

    arlum Tele-Holic Platinum Supporter

    Jun 7, 2018
    O'Fallon, MO
    Don't make the mistake in thinking age will bring enlightenment resulting in the lessening of the "need a new pedal" urge. I'm 66. Two days ago a new Dawner Prince "Viberator", (Univibe type), from Croatia arrived on my front porch. Like I told the wife ..... "I have no freakin' idea how that happened". Within the next three days there's the off chance that JAM Pedals in Greece and Flattley Guitar Pedals in the U. K. could make the same freakin' mistake. I swear. I don't know how some of these pedal builders stay in business. What with mistakenly sending out pedals willy nilly to addresses sometimes half way around the world, (that crazy company in Australia sent me one just a month ago. Go figure), you'd think they'd realize something isn't working right. Oh well. The wife understands it's a burden I've learned to put up with. Some people constantly get telemarketing calls. I bare the burden of constantly having pedals arrive on my front porch. I have to end now. It's time for my wife's medicine.
  2. mikestearns

    mikestearns Tele-Holic Silver Supporter

    Aug 27, 2019
    Hanover, PA
    Every time I think I'm good on pedals a few days later I get the itch for something else. One of the smartest moves I did was start a Pedal Genie account. For $20 a month I can get a pedal off my wish list, play it as long as I want, then send it back and get another off the wish list. If I decide I want to keep it they give me a "Keep It" price based on how long I had it. Saved me a ton just in pedals I thought I wanted but ended up not liking.
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