step down transformer 220/110V (AC/AC 200W)...

Discussion in 'Amp Tech Center' started by braveheart, Dec 14, 2019.

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    I have a soldering station (ERSA RDS 80) with 115V/80W/150-450C and I wanna use it in Europe (220V).
    I bought a step down transformer with 200W...

    from the specs of the ERSA I've now found out, that the heat up power can get up to 290W!

    The soldering iron reaches its temperature in can that be a problem (damage,overheating,fire etc.) especially for the s-station?
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    I use a stepdown transformer for a couple amps and a airless spray machine 110 to 240 and I go way larger rating with the transformer. 1000w is good. Matching the ratings is not so good. You probably want to at least double the power rating but i'm no expert.
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    What's the spec on the soldering station - 110v@amps? Then check the output limit of the stepdown. I doubt you'll have an issue.

    P=VI. I =P/V. So 110/290 =
    You might cook the stepdown. But if you let the station warm up on a lower setting probably not. To be safe you really need double that.
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