Stairway Backer Track


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Mar 31, 2020
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ha! i can sing the original solo! did not know I remembered the song that well.. this version is punctuated just a little differently, but cool!
Now that opens this up, singing the solo! Cvvvv
I must say, I did NOT record this and will re-do the music, if there is any interest. I can probably come pretty close. This audio is pulled from a Rick Beato video, where he had others play their version of the lead solo in Stairway to Heaven. If this thread is not allowed because of someone else recording it (Rick and his friends)...or other reasons I don't know, crossing forum rules... please delete or let me know to cancel it. I've read the forum rules and I certainly don't want to bring the "copyright police" around. But I've seemed to hear other covers and tend to doubt Harry Fox was consulted for fair use... but... lemme know. I want to be totally legit. I post covers on Youtube...but that could be a topic for another thread.

All that aside, I thought it would be fun to hear some of the fellow Twangers and what they come up with. Beato's video had Eric Johnson, Phil X and Beato himself (posing as Frampton) and maybe not so surprisingly, they all were strongly like Jimmy Page's solo....not much deviation in my opinion. Shows you how 50 years of listening can influence ones playing!

So... here ya go. I grabbed the audio, and I DID trim and edit a bit and a quickie home brew I DID have the final contribution and say to the music.

I keep joking about this to myself, occasionally openly, but this is starting to become a problem and I might need to admit I’m getting paranoid…

It’s happened as far back as EL34 World and I haven’t been on there for quite a while except for schematics.

I think about it yesterday and today it’s here…

It just happens so much it can’t be coincidence. I mean in some cases the query/thought, in some cases the answer, is in the archives and was already brought up years before me sometimes…

Is it possible I just found the right forum.

Or is the Internet in my mind? Is my phone the conduit? Was my old android actually hiding (unrelated to this-I couldn’t find it for a week) or maybe it was mad at me…

Hahaha-except for the implied complement to all here!


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May 2, 2013
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Stairway is my favorite song, and the solo is in my top 3 solos, so I had to take a stab at this, even though I've never learned (and will probably take a _long_ time to learn) the solo.