Squier Affinity Tele Deluxe pickup specs?


Doctor of Teleocity
Mar 12, 2005
Fullerton, CA
I personally believe we’re in a golden age of inexpensive pickups. I’ve bought and tried so many (they’re too cheap to pass up) and have been pleasantly surprised by many of them. Magnet and output options abound.

I’m also thinking about buying, instead of building, my first guitar in many years… a Squier Affinity Telecaster Deluxe to mod a little bit.

I’m eyeballing a $30 set of DiMarzio Super Distortion clones for it… I’m about to sell my only guitar with a Super Distortion in it, and, in addition to all of my vintage flavored stuff, I believe anyone playing rock needs at least one Super Distortion equipped guitar.

That said, does anyone know anything about the stock Squier humbucker pickups? I’m assuming they use ceramic magnets, but has anyone measured the D.C. resistance? Any idea what type/gauge wire is used to wind them?

I might just keep the stock neck pickup if they’re bright, clear, and will match well (I’m thinking around 8k for the neck) with a SD bridge.