Squier 40th Anniversary Tele -- Gold Edition


May 20, 2003
So I've always hankered after a Tele with block inlays -- maybe it was seeing Joe Messina (may he rest in peace) and his Jazzmaster-necked Tele in the movie Standing in the Shadows of Motown. I've messed around with Chinese eBay necks, but never got a good one that fit well with the bodies I had on hand. I don't want to spring for a Warmoth for what is essentially a vanity project, which leads to this discovery:


The only problem with this is gold hardware. My experience with Les Paul Customs and ES-345s has taught me that my sweat is to gold hardware as paint stripper is to a resprayed jalopy. More of the gold ends up in my pores than remains on the bridge, pickups, and tuners. So ... does anybody have firsthand experience with this Squier or any other recent gold metal finishes? Have there been advances of which I'm unaware? Or should I file this under "It was a nice idea, but ..."?
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