Spur of the moment Road Trip by an old couple—us!


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Jan 22, 2007
I’ve become kind of set in using our lake cottage & hunting camp as my away places, but Mrs Stubee gets itchy to travel elsewhere. I think we need to go to Texas to see her family & perhaps revisit our honeymoon locale on our anniversary, just to shake things up a bit. Gotta get her over some extended severe neck pain first.

Chester P Squier

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Jan 16, 2021
Covington, LA
Hey CPS,


Being spontaneous, in my book is a sign of being youthful. Good for you and your wife.

Looks like you took part of the old Route 66. I'm thinking of doing that someday. And, my daughter and her family live in Springfield, MO. It would be a long trip for me since we live in the Pac NW.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like you had a great time.
Thanks, kuch!

I didn't realize that I-44 from Springfield MO to St. Louis MO followed the Route 66 path.

Way back when I was a teenager my dad drove us from north Louisiana to San Francisco. At Amarillo TX, we got on Route 66. I thought it was so cool, because there was a popular TV show by that title at the time. I don't remember Buzz and Todd every going near Route 66, however.

My dad was attending a convention, and he took his family along--my mother, me, and my two younger brothers. That was one of the favorite all-time road trips of my younger days. There was some great scenery out west.


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Oct 1, 2010
Central TX
Anyone ever taken a spur-of-the-moment road trip? My wife and I knew we wanted to go on some kind of trip to celebrate our 50th Anniversary and had devised various options. We HAD to get out of the house and out of town and away from certain responsibilities when we had a window of opportunity. However, my wife cracked her tibia in a fall a few months back and it’s taking time to heal, so walking would likely be limited.

We left southeast Louisiana in early July and spent two nights with my brother and his wife in northeast Louisiana. It was there and only then that we decided to go sight-seeing in the mountains of Arkansas. Now, our most recent trips have involved flying. We had not done an actual road trip in years. And we are getting up in years. We weren’t sure we were up to it. But we took Louisiana Highway 15, then exited onto the road that became scenic Arkansas State Highway 7 once we crossed the state line.

Carefully maneuvering around hairpin turns and up and down steep hills, we made our way to Russellville where we really began to plan the rest of the trip. Or at least consider options. There was beautiful scenery all the way up there from north Louisiana. We drove to Mount Magazine and spent the night in the Mount Magazine Lodge. My wife’s recovery from her injury kept us from hiking the trails (that, and our age), but we were able to see sights.

While at the Mount Magazine Lodge, we made reservations and got tickets for a couple of Branson shows. We drove up to Branson, getting off Arkansas 7 and onto US Highway 65.

We saw a Beach Boys tribute show in the morning. Got to sit up close. The performers were two men and two women (hey, you gotta have high voices for those Beach Boy harmonies). We were close enough for me to suspect that they were lip-synching. I would have thought you could hear their voices acoustically in addition to over the PA speakers. Hope I’m wrong. But the Beach Boys were my favorite group when I was a teenager, so I had to like it.

We also saw the Jesus play that afternoon. We really enjoyed it. I thought it was comparable to any of the Broadway shows my wife and I have seen in NYC the several times we have been there. Maybe I need spoilers to enjoy drama.

While in Branson, we decided we were up to a trip to St. Louis for a ballgame. We splurged on great seats down the third-base line, on the 8th row of the lower deck, about even with the pitcher’s mound. We were contacted by our credit card company. We told them all is well and the charges legit. Great seats! After checking out of the hotel in Branson, we rode to Springfield MO, where we got on I-44 and headed to St. Louis.

We splurged on the hotel, getting a room overlooking Busch Stadium.

We walked down to the Gateway Arch, but didn’t go up in it. It’s 96 steps in 6 flights of stairs in addition to the elevator. No bathroom at the top. We’re too old for that. But it’s big, at 630 feet high. We did get to gawk at it from the ground.

Bought myself a Cardinals cap and red Cardinals tee shirts for both of us. The game had a one-hour rain delay, but they did resume play, and the rain did cool things off. Cardinals aren’t my team, but we did pull for them since we were wearing their apparel. They lost to the Phillies, 2-0. One guy on the Phils hit two solo homers and that was the difference. Picturesque ballpark, with the Gateway Arch visible behind the centerfield stands.

Drove home the next day. Made it home in one day. It was I-55 most of the way.

I noticed something when we got back home. The hairpin turns and steep hills and curves of the Ozarks aren’t nearly as scary and dangerous as my fellow southeast Louisiana drivers. My apologies to the Louisianians on the TDPRI and will say “present company excepted."

We weren’t sure we could do a road trip at our age, but we had to get out of town, and it was our first vacation since 2019. We needed that. We were very happy the whole time on our trip. We have very fond memories of that week of getting away from it all.

A good friend of mine once told me that a resident at a nursing home told him that when you retire, travel as much as you can, because you won’t always be able to do so. My wife proved to me that the two of us are still young enough to do a road trip and enjoy it. We had a great time.

Anybody else got any road trip stories?
This is great. I miss a good meander.

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