Sports Are Not For Kids

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    I often see people say something about pro athletes playing "kids' games." Thing is...the games were all invented for adults.

    The only one that is arguable is basketball. Naismith invented basketball as a professor at what is now Springfield College. His first players were all college age adults. However, it was spread initially through YMCAs nationwide (the college was originally a training college for YMCA general secretaries). Still, it became prominent as a college sport. Baseball's roots go back to other "at bat" games played, almost always by adults, going back at least to the 14th century. American football rose as a college sport first and foremost. The first game was played between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869. That was 25 years before the first high school game, and play at the latter level didn't become as common for decades to come.

    Kids' versions came around partly as promotions by the colleges and the major leagues - to generate interest, sell merchandise, and build a talent pipeline.

    So no, they are not playing adult version of kids' games. We're actually making kids play adult games, which is probably why they look so absurd doing it most of the time.
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