Speaking of cover songs, of which mind are you?

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    You have to be able to meet this in the middle. You can play stuff you like, and I believe that if the beat is good enough then the audience will go with you, even if they don't necessarily know it. If you're playing strictly for the audience, then you put yourself at risk of playing stuff you actually can't stand, and you instinctively drag your heels on that material, and that hurts the potential of the music. Even if you force yourself to smile through it, that tension may come out in other ways like excessive drinking, listening to death metal or chucking your guitar into the nearest large body of water.

    I don't really understand bands who want to play only stuff they like without giving a fig for the audience. I'll go a bit Morpheus and say, "What if I told you.... that you can play stuff in rehearsal that you don't have to play on stage?" You can get your prog-jazz-fusion obsession out of your system in practice, if you agree it with the band. Just don't take it down to ladies night. You'll be playing to an empty room either way, but at least by doing it strictly in rehearsal, you won't be making the club owner think twice about booking you again.
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